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Turn Off The Coming Soon Page On Wordpress Site

Are you eager to turn off the coming soon page on wordpress site? Perhaps you've been eagerly anticipating the day when you can finally disable the "coming soon" page and unveil your website to the world.

Thomas Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
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  1. What Is A Coming Soon Page In WordPress?
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  3. When Would You Need To Disable Your Coming Soon On WordPress Site Temporarily?
  4. 2 Effective Ways To Remove Coming Soon Page WordPress
  5. Is It Necessary To Remove The Coming Soon Page Before Launching Your Website?
  6. Can Maintenance Mode Help Turn Off The Coming Soon Page?
  7. Will Removing The Coming Soon Page Affect Your Website’s Seo?
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion
Turn Off The Coming Soon Page On Wordpress Site

WordPress is a powerful platform for creating and managing websites, and if you've been diligently working on your site behind the scenes, you've likely encountered the "Coming Soon" page.

During the development stage, this function is beneficial as it lets you work on your website privately and tease its public launch. Eventually, though, your website will be ready for launch, and at that point, you'll need to know how toturn off the coming soon page on WordPress site.

In this blog post, we'll take you through the process of gracefully transitioning from the "Coming Soon" mode to a fully live website. We'll go over the what, why, and how of disabling this WordPress function so that your website is search engine optimised and accessible to a broader audience.

Regardless of whether you're starting a blog, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio, this book will give you the skills you need to proudly present your WordPress website to the public and begin enjoying the fruits of your labour. Bid farewell to the "Coming Soon" page and welcome to the endless opportunities presented by having an online presence.

What Is A Coming Soon Page In WordPress?

Site Settings
Site Settings

In WordPress, a temporary webpage known as a "Coming Soon" page is shown to visitors while a website is still being built or is not yet ready for a public debut. It acts as a stand-in or teaser for future material, offering an overview of the website's goals, layout, and planned features.

Because it enables site owners to work on their projects in secret, away from prying eyes, this feature is beneficial during the creation and preparation phase of a website. Benefits of Using a "Coming Soon" Page in WordPress;

  • Building Anticipation - Your target audience becomes excited and anticipates something when they see a "Coming Soon" page. It gives users a taste of what your website will be like when it launches, ultimately making them want to come back.
  • Professionalism- It gives off a polished impression and shows that your website is still being developed and not abandoned. This may give prospective clients or users more confidence.
  • Getting Leads- Several plugins and themes for the "Coming Soon" pages let you gather interested visitors' email addresses or other contact details. Building an initial subscription or client base can benefit significantly from this.
  • Benefits of SEO- Even in the "Coming Soon" state, search engines can start indexing your website, which can help it become more visible in search results prior to its formal debut.
  • Time for Final Preparations - It allows you the time you need to make sure all of your features function properly, test your website extensively, and polish your content before releasing it to the public.

A "Coming Soon" page is a tactical weapon in the WordPress toolbox that aids website owners in efficiently managing the launch of their websites and creating anticipation among their intended audience.

What Are The Steps To Installing A Coming Soon Plugin On WordPress?

  • Launch your browser and log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • To create a new page, go to Pages > Add New on the left side.
  • You may edit the Coming Soon page to appear in the manner that you choose.
  • Click the Publish button that is located in the upper right corner. A notification requesting confirmation shows in the upper right corner.
  • To get back to the dashboard, click the WordPress symbol in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • To change your reading settings, go to Settings > Reading on the left side.
  • On the Reading Settings page, locate the dropdown labeled "Homepage," click it, and then select the Coming Soon page that you just developed.
  • To keep this alternative homepage, you'll need to click the button labeled "Save Changes."
  • You may examine the new page you made by going to the homepage of your website.
Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode

When Would You Need To Disable Your Coming Soon On WordPress Site Temporarily?

You may need to temporarily disable your WordPress site for a variety of reasons, such as routine maintenance, software upgrades, or technical problems. The following are some examples of frequent scenarios;

  • If someone breaks into your website and you want to prevent any additional attacks, you should do this.
  • You discover that your website has been hacked, and you decide that your clients should see a blank screen than the security issue.
  • You must remove the "Coming Soon" page from your website if you want to make an important announcement or conduct an event on your website, such as the introduction of a new product or a special promotion, in order to ensure that the event has the most significant possible reach and impact.
  • You should perform some of the routine maintenance that is required on your website.
  • It is crucial to disable the "Coming Soon" page when you want to run marketing campaigns or promotions that are connected to the launch of your website. This will ensure that people will be able to access your site and participate in your campaigns.
  • Because you need some more time to construct your WordPress website, you would prefer that your consumers see a maintenance or coming soon page rather than your website in its current unfinished state.
  • You'd prefer to put your attention toward other projects, but you're keeping this WordPress site around just in case. Therefore, you should keep it from your system.
  • If you are testing out new plugins on your website, you may wish to restrict access to specific pages using maintenance mode or coming soon pages.

You should disable the "Coming Soon" page on your WordPress website once your website has been entirely constructed, tested, and ready for launch. Alternatively, you should hide the page when particular circumstances need temporary public access to your website for marketing, testing, or promotional activities.

2 Effective Ways To Remove Coming Soon Page WordPress

When you are ready to launch your WordPress website, you need to ensure that the coming soon page is removed from the site. You have to make your website available to the public by deleting the page that says "coming soon." The following are the most straightforward ways to delete this page;

Method 1 - Remove The “Coming Soon” Page From The WordPress Website (With Plugin)

  • You'll need to log in to access your WordPress site.
  • After you have successfully logged in, go to the top of your WordPress dashboard and locate the admin bar there.
  • Look for a button or shortcut on the Coming Soon page that says "Off" or "Remove" to disable the page. This button is often situated somewhere near the page's top and is relatively easy to discover. This button could be referred to as "Disable" or "Deactivate" in specific plugins; alternative names or labels are also possible.
  • To disable the Coming Soon page, either click the "Off" button or the "Remove" button. This should result in the page being removed from your website instantly and making itself available to your visitors.
  • Go to the "Plugins" area of your WordPress dashboard if you want to delete the plugin that is responsible for the Coming Soon page entirely. You can do this by clicking on the "Delete" button.
  • Find the plugin that's responsible for the Coming Soon page, then click the Deactivate button next to it.
  • After it has been deactivated, the plugin may then be removed from your WordPress site.

Method 2 - Remove The “Coming Soon” Page From The Hosting Provider (Without The Plugin)

This section will walk you through the process of deleting the "coming soon" page from a hosting provider using Bluehost. The procedures are similar or different when it comes to other hosting providers.

  • Sign in to your account with Bluehost or any other hosting provider.
  • Select "My Sites" from the menu. On the homepage, you will have access to the "My Sites" menu items. Click on it to get a list of the websites that are hosted under the account.
  • Now, choose your current site from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the "Manage Site" button.
  • After that, navigate to and select the settings option from there. After that, adjust the parameters that are associated with your website.
  • Turn off or get rid of the page that says "Coming Soon" on your WordPress website. Scroll down the page that contains the settings. You will also find the toggle switch on the "Coming Soon" page.
  • Activating the "Coming Soon" page may now be turned off by simply sliding the switch to the Off position. After that, reload your website in the browser to make sure the update takes effect.
Website Launch Page
Website Launch Page

Is It Necessary To Remove The Coming Soon Page Before Launching Your Website?

Removing the "Coming Soon" page from your website before releasing it is not just a matter of necessity; it is also an essential step in assuring a successful and problem-free launch of your website. This is why;


Your website is effectively concealed from the view of the general public while it is in the "Coming Soon" state. You need to get rid of this obstacle and make your website available to anybody and everyone if you want to make an excellent first impression and attract visitors.

User Experience

By its very nature, a "Coming Soon" page limits a visitor's ability to access the content and functionality of a website. By removing it, you assure that visitors will have unrestricted access to your website, will be able to use all of its features, and will be able to interact with your material.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The pages of your website need to be crawled and indexed by search engines like Google before they can be ranked in search results. Having a page that says "Coming Soon" might make this procedure more difficult. If you delete it, search engines will be able to index your site more accurately, which will increase the likelihood that it will appear higher in search results.

Marketing And Promotion

Disabling the "Coming Soon" page is a vital step in ensuring the successful execution of marketing campaigns and promotions, particularly if you have been building up anticipation for the debut of your website. When people click on one of your promotional links, you want your audience to go to your website instead of some other page.

Testing And Feedback

As soon as your website becomes online, you will be able to collect insightful feedback from actual users and fix any problems that may crop up. This must be accomplished in order to guarantee that the website performs as it was designed to and that users have a pleasant experience.

Eliminating the page labeled "Coming Soon" is an essential stage in the process of launching a website.

It makes your website accessible to people all over the world, helps with search engine optimization, improves user experience, and enables effective marketing and feedback collecting. In order to have a successful website launch plan, not only is it necessary, but it is also an essential component.

Can Maintenance Mode Help Turn Off The Coming Soon Page?

There is a function in WordPress websites called maintenance mode that displays a coming soon page when it is activated. You will need to turn off the maintenance mode in order to delete this page.

This may be accomplished by connecting to the root directory of your website using an FTP client or a file manager that your hosting company has made available to you. Locate the ".maintenance" file and remove it from your computer. After being removed, the coming soon page won't be accessible to users anymore.

Pen And Paper On Table
Pen And Paper On Table

Will Removing The Coming Soon Page Affect Your Website’s Seo?

Yes, taking down the "Coming Soon" page from your website might affect its SEO, but if done correctly, this effect is usually favorable. This is how it might impact your SEO;

Improved Crawling And Indexing

Your website's SEO may benefit from the removal of the "Coming Soon" page. Search engine crawlers may not have full access to the material on your website while the "Coming Soon" page is live, which might result in insufficient indexing. Search engines may quickly scan and index the pages of your website after you remove it, ensuring that all of your essential material is taken into account for search engine rankings.

Faster Indexing And Ranking

Search engines may take longer to index and rank your content if your website is concealed behind a "Coming Soon" page. By removing this barrier, you enable search engines to index your material more quickly. Improved SEO performance and quicker exposure in search engine results pages (SERPs) may arise from this.

Enhanced User Experience

A "Coming Soon" page restricts users' access to your website. Users who find such a page while searching may depart from your website, increasing bounce rates. Eliminating the "Coming Soon" page guarantees a seamless and satisfying user experience for visitors, which can have an indirect effect on SEO by decreasing bounce rates and raising user engagement.

Accessible Content For Mobile Devices

Modern SEO includes mobile-first indexing as a significant component. Google generally indexes and ranks content from your website based on its mobile version. It's imperative to remove your "Coming Soon" page if it isn't mobile-friendly or is impeding mobile visitors' access if you want to make sure your site is mobile SEO-optimised.

Immediate Seo Benefits

Overall, by increasing user experience, enabling faster indexing, and making your content accessible, deleting the "Coming Soon" page aligns your website with SEO best practices. Even though the effects might not be seen right away, they will eventually improve your website's SEO rankings.

Eliminating the "Coming Soon" page will benefit your website's search engine optimization. It improves user experience, complies with mobile SEO standards, and makes it possible for search engines to efficiently scan and index your content—all of which eventually lead to better SEO performance over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Temporarily Remove The Coming Soon Page For Testing Purposes?

It is possible to temporarily disable it in order to test and troubleshoot your website.

Do You Need To Back Up Your Website Before Turning Off The Page?

In order to prevent data loss, it is indeed essential to back up your website.

What Occurs When The Coming Soon Page Is Disabled?

The public can view and utilize your website's functionality once it is made available to them.


Knowing when and how to turn off the coming soon page on WordPress site is a pivotal step in the website launch process. As we've covered, taking this step guarantees that your website is accessible to your target market, promotes search engine optimization, improves user experience, and backs up successful marketing campaigns.

You may effectively go from the "Coming Soon" state to a fully functional website that is prepared to leave its imprint on the digital world by timing it well and following these easy steps. Therefore, feel free to disable the coming soon page on your WordPress website and start your online trip as soon as your website and audience are ready.

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